::: BIO :::


- Director of Photography for cinematic Fallen Angel Year 2003
- Realization of private books on ballet. year 2008
- Making book for most of the "Fallera Mayor" Sant Bult Valencia. year 2008
- Implementation of several books Victorian goth aesthetic. year 2008-2010
- Implementation of several books of bellydance Year 2009
- Completing the disc booklet for "Masque Of Death" metal band from Madrid. year 2010
- Collaboration in the session Decadence of "Café de las Horas" (Valencia) Year 2010
- Collaboration with "Tokyo Station Magazine" for illustrating article on Lolita and Japanese fashion.
- Carrying out book with pin-up aesthetic. year 2010
- Carrying out backstage and catwalk photos for the parade of designer Fidel David Perez "Cirque Du Temps." Spring-Summer 2011) Year 2010
- Realization of private reports of events of various kinds.
- Making Fallera Mayor Infantil photoshoot for Falla "Patraix" February 2011
- Implementation of various aesthetic sessions lolita. Year 2009.


- Finalist at International Competition "Tokyo Rebel Legion". (New York, EEUU) year 2010
- Finalist in the competition for breastfeeding L'Alfás del Pi (Alicante, Spain). year 2010


- Tokyo Rebel Legion (New York EEUU) September 2010
- Picnic Exhibition "Lolitas in Wonderland" (Valencia, Spain) December 2010
- II Lolita Convention, Paris Julio 2011
- V Japan Weekend (Madrid, Spain) 8-9 October 2011
- Madame Chocolat (Barcelona, Spain) October-November 2011
- VI Salon del Manga de Valencia - November 2011
- Nits de Ratapinyada, Palma de Mallorca - April 2013
- Mirai Webzine presentation, A Coruña - May 2013